(Inonotus obliquus, black mass, clinker polypore, cinder conk)

Engage your body’s defenses. Boost your immunity to fight against bacteria and viruses.

Human health is ever so deteriorating. The same way people at 40s no longer run at the same pace 20 years back, our immune system also suffers from the same kind of decline. With the presence of impending bacteria and viruses outdoors, having an extra layer of protection is important.

This is what Chaga is for!


How will you benefit?

Anti-inflammatory effects

Inflammation is good, it signifies the active participation of the body in fighting against diseases. But too much inflammation branches to a whole new world of health concerns. Chaga aids in reducing long-term inflammation that can positively improve your health.

Helps boost the body’s immuno-response

Chaga promotes the production of cytokines, or proteins responsible for regulating immuno-response. By signaling the cytokine-receptors in our immune system cells, they alert our body’s defenses to help destroy invading microbes.

Power through immunosuppression

The body’s reduced capacity for immune response becomes apparent with age, chronic diseases, and malnutrition. Chaga may serve as immune enhancers to unlatch our rusty immune systems. Strengthening the body’s shield to fight pesky viruses.

Fight chronic diseases before it happens

Chaga offers extra help in the prevention of chronic diseases. Destroy potentially malignant threats before things get even worse with the help of Chaga.

Abundant source of antioxidants

Within each granule (or capsule whichever form factor you use) of Chaga lies an generous amount of antioxidants that help shield the body’s cells from free radicals. Antioxidants from Chaga aids in stopping the damaging effects of these unstable molecules.

Assist in regulating sugar levels in the body

High sugar levels can lead to degenerative diseases like diabetes. Chaga aids in improving blood sugar levels to help maintain the body in peak shape!

Steer clear from heart diseases

Chaga improves the body’s responses to degenerating heart health by aiding the reduction of bad cholesterols in the body. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and the extra nudge from our Chaga are the trifecta for a healthy heart.

Packed with vitamins and minerals

The Chaga mushroom is nutrient-dense to provide extra aid in getting you through your nutrient needs. The wide variety ensures a better source of protection against diseases.

Young at heart and skin

Aside from the heart health improvement, also experience a slowed aging process with Chaga. Freeing yourself from oxidative stress also relieves your face from creases and wrinkles! Feel young in heart, and also in skin.

Why our Chaga?

Don’t let your eyes fool you

Chaga is not the most visually aesthetic mushroom there is, but underneath the displeasing exterior lies impeccable benefits everyone can find useful. This conk that grows on trunks is cultivated and harvested because of what it can offer. Vitamin Arc upholds the same practice through conducting careful sampling and analysis to bring healthy capsules to your disposal.

Rooted in Siberian culture

For thousands of years, traditional communities in Asia and Europe have upheld Chaga as a cure for ailments. Science does not deny the dense amount of nutrients embedded in these fungi and this is what Vitamin Arc strives to share with the world. We aim to introduce this ancient Russian mushroom and give people the opportunity to share in their culture by replicating the same benefits they enjoy using Chaga.

Sourced from the place that coined ‘Chaga’

Vitamin Arc values the origins of every supplement we develop, and Chaga is no different. Ever since the 16th Century, Eastern Europe has benefitted from Chaga thanks to its vast availability in temperate regions. We pay homage to the core of Chaga’s medicinal history by sourcing the raw materials there.

Vitamin Arc developed every capsule using Chaga we harvested from healthy birch trees directly from Russia’s rich soil.

Harvested with optimal care

Chaga grows on the bark of birch trees, feeding off and sharing with the tree’s nutrients. We carefully source our Chaga and harvest the sclerotia with utmost care as to not damage the tree and affect the Chaga’s integrity.

Vitamin Arc ensures continuous harvest by leaving traces of fungi to regrow itself back on. The harvesting procedure we enforce is a product of harvest optimization that benefits the host tree, the mushroom yield, and more importantly the quality of the Chaga.

Free from impurities

We completely understand what it means to take supplements into the body. That is why we strive to develop our products using the finest, purest elements we can muster. Vitamin Arc eliminates the impurities, dirt, and toxins from the Chaga mushrooms using our proprietary processing methodology.

Leaving nothing but the essentials for the manufacture and reproduction of our Chaga capsules.

Augmented effects with BioPerine® extracts

BioPerine is a patented technology that enhances the bioavailability of compounds when integrated with other nutrients. Vitamin Arc utilizes this ameliorating agent in our Chaga supplements to fortify Chaga’s potency and ensure the benefits you may receive with each supplement.

We balance each out using the perfect binder

Perfect synchrony and consistency of each component lie on the binders used in the supplements. Vitamin Arc uses the natural, organic, and most renowned binder in the market – Microcrystalline Cellulose. Helping to keep ingredients encapsulated in ideal balance.

There’s no other Chaga better than ours

From the harvesting process to the ingredients used, down to the laboratory procedures, Vitamin Arc ensures that our Chaga supplements adhere to GMP and the standards of other regulatory bodies. You won’t find any brand offering better great value for money in exchange to the benefits one can get from our Vitamin Arc Chaga.

How is it administered?

Vitamin Arc’s Chaga are made from the finest Chaga mushrooms in Russia. Using our proprietary process, we encapsulated (granulated) the mushroom for easier ingestion. Each contains xx capsules, abundant enough for x months of daily usage.

Every capsule is rated at xxx mg and should be taken x times a day to facilitate the manifestation of optimum results in the body. Keeping your water and Chaga in plain sight is a gentle reminder that a strong immune system is within reach.

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